The Monterrosa Law Group, LLC closely monitors changes in the law that can have a serious impact on our clients and community.  Please follow our website and Facebook page for the latest developments!
Many will be impacted by the
White House's decision to rescind DACA. Visit our Facebook page for the facts.

Monterrosa Law Group, LLC

A law firm dedicated to representing the community in areas of criminal, immigration, family and personal injury law.

Located in vibrant and growing downtown South Bend, the Monterrosa Law Group, LLC is uniquely positioned to be your ally in your most delicate legal matters.

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Criminal Defense
Immigration Law
Personal Injury
From federal to state, felonies to misdemeanors, the Monterrosa Law Group, LLC has the trial experience and knowledge to defend you and your loved ones.
Whether you seek to legalize your status or prevent removal from the United State of America, the Monterrosa Law Group, LLC can provide you the experienced representation you deserve.
If you've been injured, the Monterrosa Law Group, LLC can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.
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Monterrosa Law Group, LLC
Representing the People Since 2001

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A law firm for the people...
Based in South Bend, Indiana, the Monterrosa Law Group represents clients in the areas of criminal, family and personal injury law throughout the state of Indiana and in the area of immigration law throughout the country and the world.

Welcome to our website and we look forward to working with you.

Derecho Penal
Lesiones Personales
Si se ha lesionado, el Grupo de Derecho de Monterrosa, LLC puede ayudarle a obtener la compensación que se merece.
De federal a estado, delitos graves a delitos menores, el Monterrosa Law Group, LLC tiene la experiencia de prueba y el conocimiento para defender a usted y sus seres queridos.
Ya sea que busque legalizar su estatus o prevenir la deportación de los Estados Unidos de América, el Grupo de Derecho de Monterrosa, LLC puede proporcionarle la representación con experiencia que usted se merece.
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